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Awards according to your wishes:
individual designs, exclusive production and best quality.

Oscar, Oscar, Bambi, Grammy… Let’s be honest: Who wouldn’t like to hold a significant prize in their hands on stage?
A prize as an award for special achievements,
for exemplary behavior, for great success?

Prizes distinguish: whether services, commitment or products, whether employees, companies or customers. Across all industries and professions. Prizes convey the extraordinary, the unique. They are more than proud trophies and magnificent ceremonies. They create trust and recognition in the market, motivate more performance and generate attention!

The highlight of every award ceremony is the awarding of the trophy to the winner. Sometimes small and discreet, sometimes powerful and pompous. It should be unique, as individual as it is unmistakable. We design and produce awards and trophies that are worth seeing. Because everyone can produce cups.

Individual and high-quality awards, trophies, trophies as well as awards and honorary prizes.

They convey the extraordinary, the unique. They give your award ceremony an unmistakable face, they create trust and recognition in the market, motivate more performance and generate attention! Our task is to design and produce them. Always coordinated with your corporate design, the objective of the award and the target group. Made of acrylic glass, glass, metal, concrete, natural stone and wood. Just as it suits you best. In addition, we design and create exclusive gifts for annual
general meetings, trade fairs or kick-off events. Of course, here too: always individual and always of high quality. Also coordinated with your corporate design, your objectives and made of precious materials.

We are the perfect partner for you.

Because we can not only design, but also produce. Even at the design stage, we pay attention to economical and cost-optimized production. After all, we work for winners!

This is how we work:

  • We design and produce individual and high-quality awards and trophies for unforgettable award ceremonies.
  • We work with a healthy mix of creative diversity, many years of experience and a healthy degree of perfection.
  • We use the most modern techniques for a maximum of quality.
  • We always work absolutely reliably and discreetly.
  • We design individually and sophisticated for an economically optimal production.
  • We offer you all the ingredients for a successful competition and an impressive award ceremony.
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