For all those who have the perspective: Awards, trophies and honours made of glass are a classic because they are timeless, noble and have a convincing presence. Unlike cups, which quickly look old.

Here you can see some of our glass awards, which we have designed and manufactured according to the wishes of our customers. If required, we will be happy to send you further examples of our trophies made of glass and other materials. Please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

Timeless classics meet modern designs.

Individual glass awards inspire with their timeless and elegant appearance. But our glass awards are by no means to be overlooked! With the carefully develeoped design and your very own personal touch, they are guaranteed to become a radiant eye-catcher.

Your custom-made award made of glass.

But this classic is by no means boring! Precise cuts, different colors and high-quality prints and engravings turn the inconspicuous material into a small work of art. This is the perfect way to honor your winners. Send us your inquiry now and soon you will hold your individual award made of glass in your hands!

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Custom-made awards

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