isn't enough.

Gift isn't enough.

Exclusive gifts: Whether made of acrylic glass/Plexiglas, metal, wood or stone. Presents are always a particularly individual way to say "thank you".

Here you can see some individual gifts that we have carefully designed and manufactured for our customers. If required, we will be happy to send you further inspiration and examples of gifts made of different materials such as acrylic, metal or glass. With your personal wishes, we can quickly create a high-quality and excellent gift, specially adapted to the image and corporate design of your company.

Presents – A personal token of appreciation.

With an exclusive gift from AWARDdesign, you can say “thank you” in a particularly individual way and express your sincere appreciation. A gift that will certainly not fall into oblivion. Send us an inquiry now with your own ideas and soon you will be holding your custom-made gift in your hands!

You will find further examples of awards, trophies, tombstones and presents here:

Awards made of acrylic glass /perspex

Awards made of metal

Awards made of glass

Awards made of wood

Awards made of stone, asphalt and concrete


Custom-made awards

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